• How do I get started?

    Very simple, just head over to the services page, and pick a package. If you don't find exactly what you are looking for, please drop us a line on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • What is your most sought after service?

    Our digital marketing consulting service for health entrepreneurs is our most sought after service. We have helped a vast amount of clients with tips, strategies, tutorials, and business advice to take their health brand's to the next level. Fun fact: Everyone is impressed with our work speed and with the quality of our service!

  • What happens once I've selected a package?

    Once you have selected a package, we will get back to you with a proposal. If you agree to all of the terms, we will get the work started, get to know your company, and fill you with incredible ideas, content, or strategies to make your health brand shine. The magic begins.

  • What is the ideal length of service?

    Ancona Wellness is happy to work anywhere from 1 month to a lifetime of health management happiness for your company. We suggest working together for more than a month as good results, like with everything take time.

  • What platforms do you use for website updates?

    We currently only work with wordpress.org and Squarespace. We do not do technical updates to Wordpress.org

  • How is the payment done?

    All payments are done via wire transfer or direct deposit. If you prefer via Paypal, that can work as well.

  • What if I want more than what is offered on your services page?

    Our team is happy to work with you and custom build a package that suits your every need.

  • What is the difference between a normal blog post and an SEO blog post?

    Your content might look beautiful on your website, but if SEO is not taken into consideration when writing it, all those hours invested in writing won't do much. SEO plays a crucial role when placing your website higher up in Google's search engine, mastering this "art" will ultimately lead to more sales and higher engagement/ site visits.