Our experienced digital marketing consulting service is our most sought after service as it gives you the right tools so you can increase sales and your health brand shines even more.

Our other services let you focus on your wellness practice and journey, leaving the creation of top-notch, compelling and engaging content to us.

We are here to help you transform your health brand into an unforgettable one.


Email us with the name of the package you are interested in and we will get back to you right away to ensure that your healthy content style is consistent, has a strong voice, and reaches your target market. 


Once you have picked your package, we will send you a proposal, then a contract for final revisions. We are flexible and can adjust our packages to make sure all of your healthy content needs are covered.


During this phase, our team will learn everything about your business and its needs. We will then get started on identifying what it is required to maximize your health brand and take it to a superb level. 


During this phase, we will begin to make the magic happen! Get ready for remarkable healthy content, or incredible tips and relax – everything will be taken care of with the utmost attention to achieving your health brand’s goals!

Social Media Management

We endeavor to set up your posts in the tone of voice that aligns with your healthy brand and that are relevant and inspiring to your audience.

+What does it include? Setting up a social media calendar covering 3-6 or 12 months of healthy content, covering the format/mode/platform/date of publication.

+Instagram 3 posts a week/monthly starting at USD$350, 6 posts a week/monthly starting at USD$700 IG stories posts reinforcement from USD$100 

+Facebook 3 posts a week/monthly starting at USD$300, 6 posts a week/monthly starting at USD$450

+Pinterest believe it or not, Pinterest  is possibly one of the most important tools to drive massive amounts of traffic to your site. 20 pins a day/monthly starting at USD$300.

Combination of all 3 platforms: From USD$800/month

+Posting is not enough, engagement is the key to create a reliable customer base. We offer high-quality online commentary and responses on your social media platforms (Optional USD$75 per platform/month)




Google’s algorithm is complex, but the focus has never changed: it is still on words. Our blog content creation service shares your expertise, voice, and unique content, aiding you to rise in the ranks of Google.

We help you to understand where you are, decide where you want to go and we assist in the creation of your healthy content to share with the world. You can focus on the topics you want to cover, and we will take care of everything else; from writing to editing of your blog post and getting traffic to your site. Quick and easy, no fuss necessary.

+What does it include?  Writing & editing health content, and SEO for every blog post that is shared on your website.

+Make your website rank high in Google with blog posts that not only will be attractive, health directed, but will also take into consideration the technical aspect of keyword research, content writing, usability, and technical SEO.

+ Get your website full of blog posts that your readers and Google will enjoy.

+ 2 posts per week, total of 8 posts a month starting at USD$899




Create relationships with your ideal healthy clients

+Get the people you want to join your webinars, retreats, classes, or get them as clients.

+Find your audience, engage your customers, and build your healthy brand.

+Tracking and reporting on the success of the email marketing effort.

+4 e-mail newsletters, or e-mail blasts, 1 per week starting at USD$280



Note: We ONLY work on **Squarespace and specialize on Wellness Startups. The following quote is not for the creation of a brand new website. If you are interested in a website creation please send us a message.

+ Content entry and copy editing

+ SEO optimization for every page on your website to rank higher on Google

+ Add Call To Action Buttons in strategic places on your website

+Hourly Fee $45/hour or monthly fee unlimited updates for USD$400



($110/hour 45 min Skype + handout)

($290 full re-brand consulting service)

Our job comes after the core of your business has been set up, your domain has been purchased, and your hosting installed. The full re-brand consulting service can focus on any area that you need.

We are happy to give you ideas on how you can establish your business. Our years of experience working for the food industry, hotel industry and independently, have given us the resources and know-how to  launch businesses with solid structures.


Custom Package

Looking for a combination of packages, or single elements for your wellness brand & business needs? Together we can delve deep into your brand, and ensure we find your voice, giving your brand a beautiful and polished finish. We will create an unforgettable bond with you that will reflect on your brand and bringing your vision to life. Choose a certain aspect that you need help with or get the complete package for optimal results.

Some of the brands we've worked with